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With the numerous successes achieved in flooring system applications, BCS is recognized as one of the preferred contractors by leading flooring and coating manufacturers and suppliers.  Our expertise in the various types of flooring system are not only in Singapore, but also India and Myanmar.  We have successfully worked with various MNC suppliers to provide an extensive range of resin-based floor coatings and floor screeds used in all industrial, commercial and public building environments.  Some of the epoxy floorings, carried out by BCS, are still in optimum condition even after more than 10 years.

We are also dedicated in installing and applying flooring system based on the customer’s requirements.  A wide range of installation services are available including pigmented floor coatings, floor sealers and high performance industrial grade flooring systems.  To provide solutions to any floor surface problems, our devoted team will work closely with our customers and assist to select a suitable system with appropriate deliberations on factors such as concrete base qualities and chemical properties of the selected epoxy resin.

We will recommend the best material available and use the appropriate equipment for flooring repair and surface preparation.  With our strong belief in perfection, we trust that proper surface preparation should come along with quality coating materials to enable a strong bonding to the concrete surface.


BCS New Solutions


To meet the high expectation and demanding industry, we have worked closely with MC Bauchemie, Germany to develop new flooring solutions.  We are proud to introduce two new products developed to have a quick turnaround time of six hours after application.  Both products exhibit high resistance and superb anti-skid properties, and can be applied for both indoor and outdoor.


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