Repairs & Restoration


Epoxy Injectin (1200x300)

Logos (400 x 40)

German methodologies are adapted in our repair works to ensure compliance to the highest German code qualifications standard.

Our team of specialists were also trained in Dusseldorf, Germany under BZB and have been awarded the IRP (Injection Repair & Protection) Certification.  With our certified and qualified background, we are able to handle different types of repairs that are associated to Epoxies, Polyurethane Grouts, Hydrogels and Mineral Repair Compounds.

We have a complete range of equipment and ready stock such as special packers, single component and twin-line Injection pumps to cater to any urgent repair work.  Also available are standby facilities for emergencies like tunneling works using TBM machines including chemical grouting injection for some of our customers in Singapore.

TBM (1200x652)



Repair To Tunnel Eye Leakage 2 (1200x798)